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Tiger Returns to Miami’s Jungle Island, with Added Security

The 500-pound Bengal tiger that leapt over a fence at Miami’s Jungle Island four months ago, is back in the park. Following the incident, the tiger was taken to a sanctuary in Myrtle Beach and the big cat exhibit at Jungle Island was closed.

Leaping tiger.jpgAccording to a report in the Sun Sentinel, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) investigated the escape and concluded that the tiger’s cage did not meet state requirements. The tiger leapt the fence to chase an ape that had sneaked out of its cage, due to human and mechanical error, according to the FFWCC.

The investigation prompted two second-degree misdemeanors against the park’s president for conditions that allowed the animals’ escape, and one misdemeanor against the tiger’s owner for maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe condition, resulting in threats to public safety. The park has replaced the previous fence with a higher one made from a heavier-gauge wire.

Negligent premises security is a serious matter and can involve resort and recreational facilities that concern the safety of tourists, whether at an amusement park, hotel, cruise ship, nightclub, or casino.

Negligent security and safety measures – ranging from inadequate lighting to faulty locking mechanisms and inadequate key control or negligent conduct by security personnel – can give way to injuries, criminal acts and even violent attacks, particularly when tourists are unfamiliar or unaware of the risks in their vacation environment.

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