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Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega said that Miami Beach’s Heathrow Lounge, located in the bustling nightlife area on popular Washington Ave., had security measures in place but “something slipped through the cracks,” The Miami Herald reported today.

That “something” was a pistol, carried into the nightclub and used by a gang member to kill a young man thought to be the leader of a rival gang. “We’re not going to tolerate any gang activity here,” said Noriega.

Violent crime is no stranger to Miami Beach – in the last month, a couple was robbed at gunpoint in their hotel room on Collins Avenue, and a Russian prostitution situation led to a fatal shooting at a popular Resort & Spa. In all three situations, it seems that innocent bystanders were fortunately not harmed.

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surveillance camera warning.jpgThe Miami Herald reports that the Miami Beach Budget Advisory Committee has voted: Officials should consider placing surveillance cameras in the city’s hot spot entertainment areas as a crime deterrent and a way to reduce police costs.

The new surveillance cameras would be installed in public areas to capture activity in tourist areas on tape – an invasion of privacy and a step towards ‘Big Brother,’ according to Mayor Matti Herrera Bower. “I don’t know that in a tourist area people would love to have cameras watching what they do,” she said.

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