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SHIP SHAPE: Resort Tort Report Worsens for Cruise Industry

Resort torts continue in the cruise industry…

Not a Vacation CELEBRATION

The FBI is investigating a passenger reported missing from a Celebration Cruise Line ship, The Sun Sentinel reported. She was last seen in the ship’s casino around 1 a.m. and was reported missing by her boyfriend at 8 a.m. The ship was in international waters at the time, after leaving the Grand Bahamas Island port at 6 p.m. the night before. The card-swiping system that records passengers’ whereabouts indicated that she was last registered as being on board.

COSTA Catastrophes

On Monday, the Costa Cruise Line found itself in the news again, this time with a fire aboard the Costa Allegra. The fire set the ship adrift without power in the Indian Ocean and was towed to the Seychelles by a French fishing vessel, according to the Miami Herald. The fire originated in a generator room and none of the 1,000-plus people aboard were reported injured. Still, when the emergency alarm sounded and emergency instructions were announced, the 600+ passengers and 400+ crew members must have feared the worst, given Costa’s shipwreck January 13 in the Mediterranean, where 25 people were killed, many injured, and seven remain missing.

Until rescue arrived, passengers reportedly were likely to sleep on outside decks since lack of power also meant no lights or air conditioning. Unfortunately that would put passengers closer to the risks involved with the threat of piracy – a reality in the region. Reportedly there was an Italian military team on anti-pirate duty aboard the ship.


The Celebration and Costa incidents occurred the same week it was reported that guests aboard the Carnival Splendor cruise ship were robbed at gunpoint in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Twenty-two cruise passengers on an on-shore excursion were returning from a nature hike by bus, back to Puerto Vallarta. The bus was stopped by the armed men who stole cameras, cash and watches from the passengers. Carnival has since suspended that particular nature trail tour. Princess Cruises reportedly stopped docking in Puerto Vallarta last fall due to the dangers associated with the ongoing drug war in Mexico. Cruise lines also cancelled visits to Mazatlan, a port north of Puerto Vallarta, after a fatal shooting in a hotel parking lot in the city’s tourist region.