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Royal Caribbean Sued for Employee’s Alleged Rape of Minor Onboard

Royal Caribbean is being sued by a 17-year old girl who was allegedly raped onboard by a 31-year-old employee of the cruise line, reports the Miami New Times. The singer bought the underage girl several drinks after his band performance, including Jägerbombs, pressuring her to drink the shots, according to the lawsuit.

After several drinks, the singer said he needed to pick up something in his room and asked the girl to go with him. Once there, he allegedly engaged in oral sex and intercourse with the girl. When she said she wanted to leave, he said no, and continued to rape her. Another man arrived later and took pornographic photos of the drunken girl.

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Royal Caribbean reportedly took her written statement of the incident when she was still intoxicated, testing .101 blood alcohol content.

The lawsuit also names the bartender who served the girl alcohol and the man who allegedly took photos of the rape.

The cruise was a high school graduation gift to the girl from her mother.

Resort Torts are cases of civil liability for negligent or criminal acts that arise out of a resort, vacation or recreational setting. These can involve aspects of hotel and motel safety, cruise ship litigation, pleasure boating and jet ski incidents, amusement, aquatic, diving and swimming incidents, foreign travel and medical emergencies, gaming and casinos, aviation (commercial and general), rental car liability, moped, bicycle and motorcycle safety, buses and tour guides, travel industry liability for crime victims, and medical care provided to vacationers.

Resort Torts can encompass a vast array of types of cases but they all have one thing in common: tourists, business travelers and locals alike are all exposed to risk while traveling, vacationing or engaging in resort or pleasure activities.