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Resort Tort Report: International Cruise Ship Incidents

As The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act is being considered for global implementation by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), more international cruise ship incidents continue to occur.

Minor Abused on Carnival Cruise Ship

Last week, it was reported in Alabama that the U.S. Attorney’s office in Mobile arrested a 19-year-old for abusing a minor on the Carnival Cruise Ship Elation, in international waters. The teen was transported to a Federal Courthouse in Mobile after the FBI investigated the matter, and the U.S. Attorney’s office will prosecute the matter.

Girl Missing from Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

A 24-year-old girl working as part of the youth program on the Disney Wonder cruise ship has been missing for two weeks, after departing Los Angeles for a week along the Mexican Riviera. The Disney Wonder is registered in The Bahamas, where local police reportedly said they have found no evidence suggesting foul play.

Ill Passenger on Stretcher Dropped into Icy Seas

A British woman who became seriously ill with internal bleeding while on the Ocean Princess in Norway was being taken off the ship by emergency crews when she was dropped into the icy sea. A report states that the vessels weren’t latched together and suddenly moved apart as she was being transferred off the ship. This caused rescue crews to drop the stretcher into the water, which was reported to have been minus 3 degrees that day. The woman was reportedly in the water for approximately 8 minutes.

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