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Resort Tort: Snorkeling Ends in Drowning

A California man rented snorkeling equipment from the Breakers resort in Palm Beach where he was attending a conference, and died while snorkeling in eight feet of water. Neither of his snorkeling companions noticed him in distress in the water but a hotel guest had seen him in the surf and alerted hotel security about a potential problem. The man had been snorkeling the previous day.

The Palm Beach Daily News reported that a Breakers lifeguard and a hotel vendor pulled the man from the water at the north end of the resort after the vendor saw him drifting away from the reef and his snorkeling companions. After an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt by the lifeguard, Palm Beach Fire-Rescue arrived, administered CPR, and took the man to a Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Resort torts are instances of civil liability for negligent or intentional acts that arise out of a resort, vacation or recreational setting. These can involve aspects of hotel and motel safety, cruise ship litigation, pleasure boating and jet ski incidents, amusement and theme park liability, aquatic, diving and swimming incidents, foreign travel and medical emergencies, gaming and casinos, aviation (commercial and general), rental car liability, moped, bicycle and motorcycle safety, buses and tour guides, travel industry liability for crime victims, and medical care provided to vacationers. Resort torts can encompass a vast array of types of cases but they have one thing in common: tourists, business travelers and locals alike are all exposed to risk while traveling, vacationing or engaging in resort or pleasure activities.