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What Happens When You Get More From Your Massage at a Resort Than You Asked For: Fontainebleau Resort Guest Sexually Assaulted By Masseuse

While vacationing in Miami Beach, a guest of the Fontainebleau resort got more than she expected: sexual battery and a very personal licking by her massage therapist. Masseuse Francisco Araica was charged with sexual battery after police said he inappropriately touched and licked a woman during a massage.

The hotel guest was having a massage at the Lapis Spa inside the Fontainebleau hotel on September 23rd when Araica sexually battered her. The man reportedly told the guest he “had never done this before but she was so beautiful.”

Vacationers at resorts often take advantage of the spa services and reasonably assume that the massage therapists are capable, qualified, trained, supervised and ethical. Most spa massages are exactly what the guest expected: therapeutic and relaxing. But guests are at the mercy of the massage therapist – and the spa itself – when in a vulnerable position of receiving a massage.

This is not the first time a guest at the Fontainebleau Resort has been sexually assaulted while receiving a massage. Leighton Law, P.A. has previously represented another guest of the hotel, who was sexually assaulted by a massage therapist in a similar manner.