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Resort Injuries Didn’t Pause for Halloween

smashed pumpkin.jpgLong Island shooting at nightclub Halloween Party – The Dream Night Club in the Hamptons hosted a Halloween party Friday night, when someone dressed like the bank robbers in the film “Dead Presidents” reportedly shot two men during a fight.

New York shooting at hotel Halloween Party – A man was shot at a hotel Halloween party Saturday night. The party reportedly ‘got out of control’ at a Residence Inn in Henrietta, NY, and a man was shot in the leg. The incident is still under investigation.

Atlanta shooting at Nightclub Halloween Party – In Atlanta, four people were shot at a nightclub’s Halloween party Saturday night. Two of the victims are in critical condition and two are in stable condition. The shots were reportedly fired from outside the club and bullets penetrated the club’s walls and windows.

When crimes occur in hotels, motels, nightclubs, restaurants, or other places of public entertainment, premises liability can come into play in incidents involving assaults due to negligent security or insufficient lighting.

Key areas of potential premises liability include:
• Perimeter control, or limiting access to a property through fencing, landscaping or other means (CPTED or “crime prevention through environmental design”);
• Lighting, which may have been inadequate at the start or poorly maintained after installation;
• Security equipment, including access control, locking mechanisms and closed circuit television;
• A lack of security staff, or security personnel, who may not have been properly trained, or who took inappropriate action in a violent crime situation.

John Elliott Leighton will present a seminar on Negligent Premises Security Litigation in Miami on Nov. 4 and in Orlando on Nov. 11. Mr. Leighton is the author of the two-volume treatise, Litigating Premises Security Cases (Thomson-West), the most comprehensive national text on handling and trying premises security cases. Mr. Leighton is managing partner ofLeighton Law, P.A. His practice is focused on the representation of severely injured victims, primarily due to the failure to maintain reasonable or adequate security at commercial premises, Resort TortsTM, medical malpractice and consumer product liability.