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Parasail silhouette.jpgUPDATE: The 27-year old Florida vacationer from Georgia whose parasail crashed into the sand, dragged her along the beach, and slammed her into beach umbrellas and a volleyball court post during Labor Day weekend… has died. Six days after parasail operators launched her and her fiance into 34 mph gusting winds over Clearwater Beach, she lost her life from the resulting injuries.

There are no laws regulating when parasailing companies can or cannot take customers out on the water, despite the string of parasailing accidents that continue to be reported.

Legislation has been proposed multiple times to tighten regulation on the industry and each time it has failed. One of the proposed laws would have banned parasailing when gusts were 23 mph or higher.

SIGN THE PETITION in support of The Amber May Law to regulate the parasailing industry.

The mother of 15-year-old Amber May White filed a negligence lawsuit against the parasail operators and the resort where Amber May was killed. Amber May died while parasailing from head trauma along with internal injuries, sustained when she crashed into a building when the parasail on which she was riding snapped. Amber May’s sister Crystal also suffered head injuries in this tragedy. The parasailing operators took the sisters up despite warnings from the weather service about high winds and seas. The equipment used by the parasailing company was inadequate and faulty, the operator ignored weather warnings, and the parasailing should never have been within 2000 feet of land or structures. Nevertheless a precious life – yet another – is gone and cannot be replaced.