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Lawsuit Filed for Boy Abused at Daycare

A daycare facility is not exactly a resort, but it also shouldn’t be a place where abuse of 6-year-olds occurs.

On April 2, a lawsuit was filed against Kiddie U., Inc, on behalf of a child who was sexually abused there at age six by an older boy, according to the suit.

The Orlando, Florida daycare facility is accused of negligence, for providing an unsupervised area where the older child had created a concealed area in the form of a “fort” in the gym room, where the abuse allegedly took place, and for misrepresentation, having told the mother that there were cameras in every room.

The Orlando Sentinel reported the case filing and spoke with the boy’s attorney, John Leighton, who said that the victim has since revealed that he was sexually battered by the older boy at least five times and is in therapy and has suffered emotional distress.

“It’s a very sad situation, because it will take his entire life in a different trajectory,” Leighton said.

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