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Last Stop on the Democracy Train

A bill unprecedented not only in Florida but nationally has been proposed in our State.

The past state legislative session attempted to split and pack the Florida Supreme Court and remove the power of the independent judicial nominating commissions to nominate appellate judges. It would require more than a majority vote for merit retention. This is a serious threat to judicial independence in Florida.

The proposed legislation would politicize judicial selection, revoking the freedom judges currently have to decide cases fairly and impartially, relying only on the facts and the law. The new legislation would no longer protect them from the pressures that judicial independence is designed to keep at bay, including political, legislative, special interest, media, public, and financial pressures.

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Local and state bar associations have expressed strong opposition to the legislation, as have former Florida Supreme Court justices, both conservative and liberal. An independent judiciary is the last stop on a democracy train which is already riddled with special interest stops along the way.

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