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Labor Day Travel in Florida – Enjoy, and Take Care!

Labor Day travel is expected to take more than 34.4 million Americans 50 miles or more from home this year. Florida Trend Magazine reports that 3.9 percent more Floridians will travel this year, compared with Labor Day in 2009. Travel to Orlando is already on the increase this summer and ranks it in the top ten destinations for Labor Day, based on bookings.

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Entering Disney.jpg While enjoying your holiday weekend away from home, be mindful that when vacationing, we are by nature less attentive to dangers. We are often in a new place, distracted by amusements and sights, and are focused on enjoying the surroundings. Accidents and crimes can, and unfortunately do, occur. When something goes wrong and the fun comes to a screeching halt due to an accident or a crime, it’s important to know how to manage the situation in order to properly identify liabilities and recover your losses.

Resort Torts are instances of civil liability for negligent or intentional acts that arise out of a resort, vacation or recreational setting. They involve hotel-motel safety; cruise ship accidents; pleasure boating and jet ski incidents; amusement and theme park liability; aquatic, diving and swimming incidents; gaming and casinos; plane crashes; rental car liability; moped, bicycle and motorcycle safety; buses and tour guides; medical care provided to vacationers; and more.

Here are a few liability parameters to keep in mind, should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation while on vacation:

Hotel owners and operators are bound by law to keep their premises safe and free from obstruction or danger.

– Owners of hotels and resorts, golf resorts, amusement or theme parks, etc. must display timely and clear notice of any danger that could be unknown to a guest.

– Owners and operators of hotels, resorts and amusement parks are liable for the acts of their employees and respective agents.
– If you sign a liability release for an activity offered by a park or resort, it must be clear and unequivocal regarding the specific risks related to the activity offered.
Premises liability can come into play in incidents involving violent crime assaults due to negligent security or insufficient lighting, dangerous products, pool and spa tragedies, transportation negligence (plane/car/bus/taxi crashes), boating accidents, medical malpractice provided by an ‘innkeeper’ (hotel/motel) or cruise ship, and many others.

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