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Give me liposuction or give me DEATH

medical tourism.jpgAnother incident of wrongful death on the liposuction surgery table has occurred – it is outrageous and must be stopped!

How can so-called rejuvenation centers continue to get away with multiple incidents of catastrophic injuries?

With South Florida a mecca of cosmetic surgery facilities and “medical tourism” on the rise, more needs to be done to ensure the safety of patients undergoing procedures. Lack of licensed medical personnel, botched surgeries, and improper procedures resulting in seizures, vegetative states, and death, are occurring all too frequently.

And Florida does not even require these health care providers to carry any liability insurance!

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, a patient should research their physicians and any medical facility online to check for prior claims and what insurance is maintained. They should also speak with friends and colleagues to check out the credentials of the provider and learn of their reputations. Much can be found online through the Florida Department of Health.

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