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Diving Disaster at Utah Resort

A family has filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court after their son died while free diving at The Homestead, a resort in Utah.

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They say the resort and its business partner, The Crater, Inc., were not in compliance with Utah law that cites safety regulations for geothermal pools at resorts, because they did not employ a lifeguard, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

They allege that better safety and rescue equipment as well as diver supervision could have prevented their son’s death. They are seeking compensation for medical and funeral expenses, and for emotional trauma.

Their son was training at the geothermal pool for the U.S. National Freediving Championships. He remained underwater for six minutes at a time, and did not survive his last dive.

The Tribune reports that The Homestead was notified four times in 2008 and 2009 by the Utah Department of Health of the new safety regulations for geothermal pools at resorts, which took effect in July 2009, requiring a lifeguard. The diver’s parents acknowledge in their complaint that there is a sign posted at the pool warning that drowning and other water-related injuries can occur.