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While more than 23 million people flee the cold north weather each year to enjoy a cruise, many of those will find that the vacation of their dreams was more of a nightmare.

Falls. Attacks. Norovirus. Medical mistakes. Sexual assaults. Shore excursions gone awry.

These are just a  few of the ways a cruise can go bad.

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Vacations can be the greatest of times…or can leave tourists injured or killed. Resorts, cruise ships and hotels present a range of hazards to even the most seasoned travelers. As an experienced resort and vacation injury lawyer, John Leighton has litigated and tried many cases involving injury and death to travelers. In the latest issue of the South Florida Legal Guide, Mr. Leighton published 10 life-saving tips to help avoid a tragic vacation scenario:

Ten Tips to Avoid a Deadly Vacation:

Surviving Resorts, Cruise Ships & Hotels is No Accident

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Slip and fall warning sign.jpgA Florida law takes effect July 1 that requires slip-and-fall plaintiffs to prove that the business knew or should have known about the substance that caused the fall and failed to clean it up. Prior to this law, plaintiffs only had to prove that an ‘out-of-place’ substance caused the injury.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that a staff analysis of the bill in the House of Representatives predicted that the change would give businesses an advantage, as it requires an extra burden of proof on the plaintiff.

But lawsuits are not likely to decline as a result. Businesses will continue to pay out money long before a jury is involved. Settlements are increasingly common, particularly in slip-and-fall cases where a business cannot prove it took appropriate precautions to prevent an accident.