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Carnival Cruise Line Says Strip Search Claim Was Retaliation

As if a shipwreck, a fire, a gunpoint robbery and intestinal viruses weren’t enough for the cruise industry this year, a Central Florida teenager has filed suit against Carnival Corp. in federal court in Miami, alleging a strip search and more by three employees.

The girl says that during a four-day cruise to the Bahamas, she was accused by a security officer of possessing “a bag with ‘green leaves and substance inside'” as reported by the Miami Herald. Subsequently, three Carnival employees questioned the teen, searched her cabin, and examined her genitals. The complaint says the girl and her mother were removed from the ship and the alleged victim was placed in a holding cell in the Bahamas with an adult woman, where she was assaulted.

Carnival released a statement calling the claims “far-fetched” and “patently false, and obviously made in retaliation for the cruise line disembarking the plaintiff and her mother part-way through the voyage in Nassau…”

The plaintiff is seeking more than $75,000.