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American Airlines Sued for Deadly Passenger Poisoning

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A man’s fatal heart attack was allegedly induced by bad chicken served on an American Airlines flight. The airline is now being sued by his wife.

In a flight from Barcelona to New York, the couple ate a meal onboard American Airlines. The man had the chicken and “became pale, experienced ‘sharp stomach cramps’ and was suddenly very thirsty” according to a report of the incident in The Miami New Times.

Despite his condition, the couple boarded their connecting flight to Miami, where he experienced nauseousness, shortness of breath and finally a heart attack. An emergency landing in Norfolk, Virginia was too late to save the man’s life.

Lawsuits were filed against American Airlines and Sky Chefs with a claim that the chicken was poisoned with the bacteria C. perfringens. The suit also alleged the airline’s negligence in allowing the man to board the Miami flight, failing to provide medical attention, and delaying the emergency landing.

LSG Sky Chefs claims not to have catered that flight and said it would file a motion to remove its name from the case defendants.

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